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Buzz Buzz  is an ongoing project I started when I was 30. My girlfriend did the first haircut, and there is an audio recording that will be exhibited with this project.
 Each year, I cut my hair to buzz length at least once, and save it in a jar. 

A body-wrap photo series is planned once I have finished wrapping my current collection of hair with copper wire. Over time, the copper will naturally patina.  I like the metaphor of barbed wire, as a fence builder, a protector, and a linear danger.
Buzz Buzz is one of my favorite lines in Hamlet, brought to my attention during a Shakespeare semester in high school.  Hamlet tells Polonius that he is an irritating, vocal little rumor fly, and should go away. I find it hilarious, and real to both characters. This project is also inspired by Louise Bourgeois & Yoko Ono.